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VetConnect – Digital Veterinary Healthcare

April 15, 20232 min read

VetConnect is a Canadian-based startup focusing on pet healthcare outcomes with its Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software.

Zhe Wang is a co-founder and Product Manager of VetConnect, a company dedicated to animal healthcare innovation. They provide a streamlined and efficient platform for managing pet health records, appointments, and overall care. By using VetConnect’s software, veterinary clinics and veterinarians can engage better with pets and their owners, improving the quality of care provided. Zhe Wang leads a passionate team committed to revolutionizing the way we care for our pets.

VetConnect offers an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system designed specifically for veterinary practices. The primary aim is to bring an efficient, digital transformation into veterinary clinics across Canada.

VetConnect is not just about converting pet records into digital format. The system comes with a range of features such as analytical tools, remote consultation capabilities, and real-time updates, which help improve the health outcomes of pets. According to Wang, veterinarians can now make informed decisions based on data insights. This level of insight was difficult to achieve with traditional paper-based record-keeping.

“As a pet owner, navigating the maze of paper records and appointment cards seemed archaic. That was the inception point for VetConnect. We wanted to create a system where pet health information is as accessible and manageable as human healthcare records,” says Wang.

What sets VetConnect apart is its focus on the holistic development of veterinary practices. Besides record-keeping, the software aids in telemedicine, analytics, and even branding and marketing efforts for the clinics.

Veterinary practices often operate under high-pressure circumstances, needing to balance both medical and operational tasks. VetConnect aims to make the operational side of things as smooth as possible, freeing veterinary professionals to focus on what they do best—providing excellent healthcare.

So, for those of you in Vancouver and across Canada who want to bring your veterinary practice into the 21st century—or pet owners who wish for a streamlined, transparent healthcare process for your fur babies—VetConnect is a name to remember.

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