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Brittany Michalchuk

Founder Of YVR Entrepreneurs Club


Brittany Michalchuk

Brittany Michalchuk, is the driving force and founder of the YVR Entrepreneurs Club. She is a seasoned investor with a significant portfolio in real estate, 42 rental properties and multiple other investments. She’s spoken on hundreds of stages across the globe, won several awards, put thousands of students through her academy and has built a wildly successful company. She’s the top Emcee in Vancouver, emceeing some of the biggest and best events every week.

She not only loves numbers which has allowed her to complete a finance degree with honours but also loves energizing and inspiring people to be the best version of themselves and step into their power to impact the world in a big way. Brittany is committed to continuous growth and learning. Her journey of overcoming personal challenges showcases her resilience, serving as an inspiration to many in pursuing and achieving their goals.

She’s been featured on Metro, CBC, Good Morning LaLa Land, CTV, Global News, Sports Network, The Star, ETA Canada, Flare, Toronto Life, Hello Magazine... Her clients include Top 500 companies and successful world renown businesses like, Dentyne Ice, Wrangles, ATB financial, Ducati, Opa, Monster Energy etc. She’s excited for the future and all the amazing things to come!

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