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Your Ultimate Event Calendar for 2024

Current Event

Stunning Mansion Party

Join us on SATURDAY, MAY 25TH 2024 Networking with Exceptional, Heart- Centered, and Ambitious Individuals Dive into a Positive Growth-Oriented Atmosphere In The Backyard With The BBQ & Sunny Oasis Feast with a Delicious Potluck Experience an Unforgettable Day of Sun, Connection, and Inspiration and a Fun Back yard BBQ.

Previoues Events

Transfomation Business Workshop

YVR Female Entrepreneurs Club presents a transformational workshop of personal and professional growth.  Leave with a high converting lead gen, social media growth tools and the motivation to level up in every area of your life.

Goal Setting Workshop

Join us on January 10th at The Modern Vancouver, 1928 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6J for the "YVR Female Entrepreneurs Club - Goal Setting and Achievement Workshop." This event, starting at 5 pm, is an opportunity for aspiring female entrepreneurs to kickstart a powerful 2024. 

It features sessions on goal setting, intention setting, and finding clarity in your entrepreneurial journey. Connect with dynamic, health-centered female entrepreneurs and gain valuable insights for personal and professional growth.

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