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Kate Chen

Kate Chen

April 14, 20231 min read

In today’s fast-changing environment, many parents are wondering what the future for their children will look like and how they can best equip them for it. Kate and the Afterschool team don’t have all the answers, but they are trying to provide parents, teachers and students with the tools they need to adapt to the uncertain future.

Originally from China, Afterschool started as a tutoring service that helped students prepare to apply to international universities. As they expanded their services and company, they began to target new markets. Currently, Kate and her team are in the process of expanding their business into Canada.

As technology such as AI is rapidly changing what the future looks like, companies like Afterschool are well positioned to grow as they try to equip today’s youth for the challenges of tomorrow.

In addition to expanding Afterschool into Canada, Kate and her team continue to grow their company in China and are exploring expanding into the UK through a joint venture.

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