Benjamin Isaacie is an accomplished entrepreneur and digital solutions expert, with a proven track record of success. In 2005, he founded Persisca Technologies, a company that specializes in providing plug-and-play products for various industries such as real estate, eCommerce, and AR product preview. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of his key team members, including Senior Software Engineer Russell Ketabi (Rasoul Ketabi), Persisca has developed a proven process for identifying digital opportunities while designing creative solutions tailored specifically towards client needs and goals.

In addition to the main business of Persisca Technologies, Benjamin also owns several brands and subsidiaries, including 07 Realty and Persisca Travel. Most recently, he has partnered with Mosen Edalati to become a 50% co-owner of Instant Virtual Experience (IVE), a technology that combines AI 3D modelling with AR/VR capabilities, allowing customers to preview products virtually before purchase.

This innovative approach is revolutionizing the way people shop online by giving them an immersive experience, which allows them to make informed decisions about their purchases from anywhere at any time without actually having seen or touched the product itself. With a talented team and a range of cutting-edge products and services, Persisca is well-positioned to continue driving innovation in the digital solutions industry.

The 07 idea designed by Persisca Technologies is meant to provide users with a seamless, plug and play experience that requires zero (0) coding knowledge, and only sever (7) easy steps. These solutions are:

  • 07 website; Online Web Builder
  • 07 realty; Web, MLS, Marketing for Realty
  • 07 apps; Online App Builder
  • eLP by Persisca; eLearning Platform
  • Reddot; Live Sessions for Education
  • IVE; AI 3D Modelling, and AR View


Persisca Technologies owns a range of subsidiaries that offer online app building, website building, travel search engine, e-learning solutions, and live session platforms. These subsidiaries cater to various industries and are designed to be used by agents or affiliates, making them accessible to a wider audience

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