AC Quality’s Hao Chen: The Entrepreneur Building a Sustainable Future for Food and Beyond

Born in China and educated in Canada, Hao Chen’s journey is a testament to his global vision. After completing his university education in Canada, Chen embarked on a mission to combine his international perspective with his entrepreneurial spirit. His inspiration? Chen says his two children are the driving force behind his commitment to sustainability and high-quality food.
“It’s about the future we’re building for our children,” Chen explains. “Ensuring they have access to healthy and sustainable food and a world that values green energy and environmental responsibility.”
This vision led to the creation of AC Quality, a company re-envisioning the food supply chain and answering how that food got onto your plate. AC Quality directly connects commercial kitchens and producers to local farmers and producers, offering unparalleled transparency and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. The platform has quickly gained traction among restaurants and producers who are increasingly concerned about the origin and quality of their ingredients and quality control around their food.
But Chen’s entrepreneurial reach extends beyond the dinner table. He also has businesses in electric car charging and power grid infrastructure, recognizing the urgent need for sustainable energy solutions. His companies are contributing to developing a more robust and environmentally friendly infrastructure for electric vehicles, a critical step in reducing carbon emissions.
Chen’s commitment to these sectors reflects his vision of a sustainable future. “Each business complements the other,” Chen says. “We can’t look at food sustainability without addressing how we power our homes and cities. It’s all interconnected.”
Under Chen’s leadership, AC Quality is not just a business; it’s a platform for change. The company’s initiatives, focusing on high-quality, sustainable food and clean energy solutions, place Chen at the forefront of a new wave of responsible entrepreneurship.
For Chen, the goal is clear: to leave a better world for future generations. “This is just the beginning,” he assures. “There’s much more we can achieve for our planet and our children.”
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